Friday, April 28, 2006

We went to Devconnections Europe

Just back from Nice where we attended Devconnections Europe! At first I was very enthusiastic about it and in fact the speakers and sessions didn't let me down, but the organizers of the event seemed much less pleased after noticing that the attendance was rather low. But the beautiful city of Nice easily made up for the mess-up with the sessions and the poor service during the breaks.

The session of Itzik Ben-Gan about row numbers (Discover the Power of Row Numbers) was very inspiring. It really made the attendees think about T-SQL and the reason why new additions in 2005 can help us to overcome everyday problems in a more efficient fashion.

Grant Dickinson had a talk about programming against SSIS (Integrating Integration Services into Your Custom Applications) which gave me some ideas. Very hands-on stuff that I tend to use as soon as I see the opportunity.

And then there was the SQL-guru Gert Drapers of whom we attended most sessions (SQL Server 2005 Memory Internals / SQL Server 2005 Bulk Loading / SQL-CLR: A Performance Evaluation / Database Mirroring Inside Out / Exploring and Optimizing SQL Server 2005 Using Dynamic Management Views). Really too much interesting stuff to sum it up, just follow the link ;-)

Last but not least, Matt Nunn gave us some interesting news about the future development on SQL Server and Visual Studio. His session about offline (Occasionally Connected Systems) gave us some input for our future development.

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