Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Everyone else is blogging, so why can't I?

Hey, if all my colleagues at work can start a technical blog, why can't I? Okay, I for myself can imagine a million of reasons why I shouldn't, but it's already too late, you're reading my first post :-).
All this blog-stuff looks very funky to me now, but I will have a hard time producing some meaningful content. Like my 'favorite colleague' I'm considering this blog primarily as my long term memory of my professional experiences at work and at home.

Quick introduction to conclude my first post: I'm a software engineer, more specifically a SQL Server database developer on a long-running, Microsoft-minded project at a large Belgian company. It's still my first job, already for more than four years now, and still loving it because of the dynamism we try to maintain here.

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WesleyB said...

Aah, yet another colleague convinced :-) Welcome to the blog-sphere dude.

With all the weird stuff you encounter this blog should be very inspiring.